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Why Do We Need Fosters?

Our rescue Bichons come from shelters and owner turn-ins.  Shelter Bichons come in as strays and can also be owner  turn-ins.  People turn in their Bichon for a wide variety of reasons, but most of the time it's because of a new baby, new home, moving and/or the family wants a younger dog.

Fosters perform the most important role in Rescue.  The Foster gives the Bichon another chance at life.  They provide a loving home ennvironment, care while recovering from surgery or injury, house training and some behavioral training (chewing, etc).

The more fosters we have in rescue, the more Bichons we can save.


How Can I Help?

What if I don't want to foster?  What else can I do for Bichon Rescue?

Transportation - Pick up Bichons from shelters, to and from adoption events, and take them to medical appointments.

Administrative - Help with our Website, making and answering phone calls, responding to emails.

Fundraising - Fundraising is essential to our Rescue as we survive on donations only.  Getting the word out about our Rescue and finding events we can attend is a great need for us.

Volunteer: Take Action
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