Meet our Happily Adopted Dogs


2 year old Emma has found her perfect home where she gets to spend all day with her new retired mom and dad.  

"We were so surprised and thrilled to get an email in late January, 2021 about a possible adoption of a 2 year old Bichon. The process of applying and being vetted for adoption was thorough and went smoothly.   BFCACT was easy to talk with and provided the guidance and information we needed to have a successful adoption. We are overjoyed with our new family member and highly recommend ths rescue for the care and attention they provide every step of the way to find the best match for the special dogs in their care."

Hedy and Steve, VA

The puppymill pair, Piper and Peter adopted by the Tippets are doing wonderfully and walking on leads.

Bean came into rescue because she was too hyper.  She was just a year old and had already been in two homes.   

Bean just needed the right home!  She needed a doggie playmate, a home where an adult was home with her, kids to play with and a fenced yard.  It took a while, but we found the right home.   Just look at her smile!!


Our Dogs that are in Rehab/Permanent Foster Care

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Freddie (Before)

Freddie's mom loved him very much but she became too old to take care of herself and Freddie.  It was a blessing for both of them...her to get care and for Freddie to find a good family to love him as much as he could love them.

Freddy (After)

A new family heard his story and immediately wanted to take him in.  They had 2 other bichons and all 3 of them always stayed close to their mom.  He was such a good boy and they loved him so much for many years.

Freddie After.jpg
Thumper Before.jpg

Thumper (Before)

Thumper's story coming soon

Thumper (After)

Thumper's story coming soon

Danny Mulligan Before.jpg

Danny & Mulligan (Before)

These two beautiful and fun loving boys came to rescue because their owner was ill and could no longer care for them.   These boys were loved, but they did not get the best care.   Both boys came to rescue with mites and a severe case of them.  

Danny & Mulligan (After)

With care, many baths and medication they were cured!  The boys were placed together and are now living happily and mite free!

Danny Mulligan After.jpg

Baby Shark (Before)

Baby Shark was a stray.  He was sent to the shelter and rescue was called to take him.   Baby Shark was a young boy with issues.   He would bite without any reason (at least we could not figure out why).  

Baby Shark (After)

Baby Shark has now found the right home and has adjusted well.