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Meet our Happily Adopted Dogs

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Bella in her new home 2021_edited.jpg

2 year old Emma has found her perfect home where she gets to spend all day with her new retired mom and dad.  

"We were so surprised and thrilled to get an email in late January, 2021 about a possible adoption of a 2 year old Bichon. The process of applying and being vetted for adoption was thorough and went smoothly.   BFCACT was easy to talk with and provided the guidance and information we needed to have a successful adoption. We are overjoyed with our new family member and highly recommend ths rescue for the care and attention they provide every step of the way to find the best match for the special dogs in their care."

Hedy and Steve


Cha Cha immediately fell in love with her new big brother when she met Gunther and plans to take him up on his offer to take over his bed if he could only get a little sister.

The Bradshaw's have been helping at the Bichon Bash with the fence for many years and are now committed to bring Cha Cha to run and play with her foster Moms every year possible.

"Cha Cha is an incredibly sweet, well-behaved little princess. Cha Cha is the answer to my family's prayer. Thank God for those who foster Bichons in need, and find the right forever-homes for them."


Cida, Mark & Gunther


Bella was turned in to a shelter twice for being too aggressive, but she just needed to find the right home.  Miss Bella's mom says she is such an amazing friend, protector, and companion. Bella expresses love in so many ways. Always the perfect alarm clock (same time every day) when it's time for her to eat and walk! Neighbors always greet her when we're out in the community. Bella loves to walk. Always the show dog!

Bella is our light...we're honored to have Bella in our lives. Thank you, Bichon Rescue!!

Charisse and Roscoe


Happy Tails: Testimonials
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