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Happily Ever After

Every rescuer's raison d'être! Meet some of the special pups and their families who found each other through BFCACT.

Nicki and Crystal for HT.JPEG

Crystal & Nicki

    Crystal and Nicki were dumped on a cold city street in the middle of a Maryland winter. Of course, BFCACT stepped up to rescue them. While it took time to locate adopters willing to take seniors, the foster found a perfect family in Florida offering to give them a loving, safe and warm retirement home.  Their Mom writes: 

     “Our sweet furbabies came into our hearts two years ago. We drove up to Virginia from Florida to bring them home to be loved and cared for. Teddy Bear, another rescue, welcomed them as a big brother would. There has never been a dull moment, ups and downs, but all good when we look at their sweet faces. As they are 15- and 16-years-old, both have medical conditions, but nothing we can’t manage. We love these babies more and more every day. Life is wonderful living in Florida with a loving family. Rescuing a senior pet is the way to go!”

    Benji for HT.jpeg


      Benji is an adorable boy who ended up in a Maryland animal shelter, where he was quickly adopted by a family.  Sadly, after less than two weeks, he was returned because the neighbors complained about his barking.  BFCACT pulled him to safety.  Our vets identified many signs of previous neglect which affected his hearing and his dental health.  BFCACT sponsored two dental surgeries to alleviate his pain and allow him to eat comfortably.  He was adopted by a wonderful family looking for a pup as a companion for their small female Bichon with a big personality.   Benji writes:  

      "Life is good.  I spend all my time with my sissy Yvonnie, who is my 'hearing aid' so I don’t miss out on treats, the Amazon guy, and knowing when Mom and Dad come home.  I am so grateful to BFCACT and think often of the nice people there."



        Some rescue dogs sadly show signs of neglect and abuse.  Cay (now Roger) was fearful, depressed and physically weak when he arrived, but an incredible couple travelled from GA to VA to meet him, and the stars aligned for this senior pup.  With patience, love and medical care, Roger has become a happy, healthy, beautiful dog who loves long walks and treat puzzles, engages with other dogs (of his choosing), and has burrowed his way deep into Mom and Dad's hearts.  They write:

        "Roger is a treasure to us and our pride and joy.  We are excited and gratified with his progress.  Every day he seems to be a little more comfortable and confident.  Even with his challenges, he is such a sweet boy and we are so happy to have him with us.   And he seems very happy with us too.  We can’t imagine our lives without him."

        Max and Cody in a dog bed

        Max & Cody 

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        Surrendered together and then separated in foster care, brothers Max and Cody (now Books and Peri) may never have crossed paths again.  But as luck would have it, Max ended up with DC residents Jamie and Alex, and when Cody reappeared two weeks later, they jumped at the chance to reunite them.  Together once again, the boys now spend their days making mischief, striking fear into the hearts of northwest DC squirrels, and receiving a near-endless supply of belly rubs.  Dad says:

        "Books had only just settled in when we got the call about Peri.  At first we were nervously hopeful, but after witnessing their reunion, I've never been so sure of anything in my life.  We gained two dogs, but we gained three family members—we are so grateful to their BFCACT foster mom for helping complete our home. Follow their adventures on Instagram!"

        Cha Cha.png

        Cha Cha

          Ask any Bichon and they'll tell you—you don't have to be the one to make the bed in order to lie in it.  Cha Cha immediately fell in love with her new big brother Gunther and took him up on his offer to take over his bed if only he could get a little sister. 

          Cida, Mark and Gunther Bradshaw of MD have been helping at the Bichon Bash with the fence for many years and are now committed to bringing Cha Cha to run and play with her foster moms every year possible.  As they put it:

          "Cha Cha is an incredibly sweet, well-behaved little princess. Cha Cha is the answer to my family's prayer. Thank God for those who foster Bichons in need, and find the right forever-homes for them."



            Neels (now Neeko), an uber sweet, active one-year-old boy, ended up in an urban Maryland animal shelter. When his owners did not come for him, BFCACT placed him with a loving foster and quickly found the perfect new companion for him.  He writes:

            “Neeko is doing absolutely amazing.  He is a great dog and my very best friend. He adapted to his new home very quickly and boy is he SPOILED. He loves to play at a local indoor dog park, where he also goes for daycare.  Of course he gets an A+ report every time he goes. He enjoys getting his pets.  His groomer admits Neeko spends much of the appointment wanting to be loved on. When he’s not playing, he loves to sit in my lap and watch TV.  As a disabled veteran, I think he is the perfect emotional support companion, and I am so thankful to BFCACT for bringing him into my life!”

            Max for HT.jpeg


              BFCACT picked up Max, undernourished and depressed, from a rural Virginia shelter.   His fur was extremely long and matted, which made him look like a tumbleweed with legs.  But after grooming and a few weeks with his BFCACT foster Mom and her pups, he became the sweetest cuddle bug ever, and everyone who met him immediately fell in love.  We were fortunate to find the perfect adopter for him, a retiree looking for companionship for her and her pup with a giant personality, Maggie.  She writes:

              "On our many walks, Max has to stop and say hello to absolutely everyone we meet.  He loves to play fetch but when Maggie catches it instead, Max, ever the gentleman, allows her to share it with him.  Whenever I sit down in the living room, he jumps on my lap and puts his head on my chest and looks up at me adoringly with those big brown eyes.  He has brought so much joy to our lives."

              Marcus and Clara pic adopted.jpeg

              Marcus & Clara

                Clara and Marcus (now Zelda and Maslow) are two bonded Bichon mixes turned into an animal shelter in Maryland, way too thin, scared and skittish.  After several months in BFCACT foster, they were adopted into a wonderful family, where these healthy and happy youngsters bring special joy and energy to everyone they meet.  Their new mom reports:

                 “Our house is far better for it, full of dog toys, treats, sticks, accessories, barking, and cuddles. They have been a lot of work too—getting them used to putting leashes on, doing lots of wood stairs, and ongoing potty training—wasn’t easy. But it has been a labor of love because they are the sweetest dogs I've met. I can't believe anyone would pass up sweethearts like these.  The best part is how much they take care of each other. We are just lucky they share their love with us and that they found their way to our home.”



                  A Bichon's dream come true!  Two-year-old Emma has found her perfect home where she gets to spend all day with her new retired mom and dad, Hedy and Steve of VA.  In their words:

                  "We were so surprised and thrilled to get an email in late January 2021 about a possible adoption of a 2-year-old Bichon. The process of applying and being vetted for adoption was thorough and went smoothly.   BFCACT was easy to talk with and provided the guidance and information we needed to have a successful adoption. We are overjoyed with our new family member and highly recommend this rescue for the care and attention they provide every step of the way to find the best match for the special dogs in their care."



                    Sometimes the path to the perfect home is winding. Bella was surrendered to a shelter twice for being too aggressive, but Charisse and Roscoe of VA are glad she was—otherwise they'd never have found each other.  The third time's the charm! Miss Bella's mom says:

                    "She is such an amazing friend, protector, and companion. Bella expresses love in so many ways. Always the perfect alarm clock (same time every day) when it's time for her to eat and walk! Neighbors always greet her when we're out in the community. Bella loves to walk. Always the show dog!  Bella is our light...we're honored to have Bella in our lives. Thank you, Bichon Rescue!!"

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