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Volunteeringas a Foster

I have so many do I start?

A friendly Veterinarian holds a Pure Bre

Can I take my foster to the vet?  Can I use my vet?

Who pays vet and prescription expenses?

What happens if the Bichon has an emergency?

We want our rescues to have the best medical care.  All fosters receive a wellness exam and updated shots.  The vet will determine if other vetting is required.  Rescue pays for all vet & grooming expenses from donations, in addition to any prescriptions or prescription food.  If your foster has a true emergency, immediately take them in  and contact your rescue representative.

Close-up of a girl bathing her dog in th

Who pays grooming expenses?

Do I need to provide food and other supplies?

Rescue will pay for all grooming expenses.   Many of our rescue leaders have items that have been donated like beds, crates, toys, and bowls to get you started.  All we ask is that you provide daily non-prescription food, patience, and lots of belly rubs.

A little white Bichon Frize look in came

What if I need help with my foster?

What if my dogs and my foster don't get along?

What if my foster is not working out?


We have a team of experts that will coach and mentor you and when necessary, we will also provide professional training support.  Our first priority is always  the safety of the foster family and the dog.  If an issue can not be resolved, we will place the foster in another home, however we ask you give us 24 hours to make a plan.  

Beautiful girl with a young dog enjoying

Will you help me identify and interview adoptive families?

Can I rename my foster?

Can I adopt my foster?


The first few foster experiences can be difficult, but we are here to help!  We ask that you not change the Bichon's name as it may confuse the dog who has already been thru change.  Your role as a Foster is invaluable and although we do allow you to adopt, adopting may mean you can no longer foster.  Think through your decision carefully and talk with your contact person to ensure it is in the dog's best interest.

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