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Gus and Baxter in Florida

Gus & Baxter are a bonded pair that were turned into rescue in 2020 when their owner's new living plans would not accommodate them.  They were 11 and had spent most of their lives crated.   Baxter was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) which is an enlarged heart and Gus has Pancreatitis and Renal Failure.  Our goal is to give them a few last loving years where they can play and cuddle with a family every day.

Gus and Baxter.jpeg

Bam Bam in Florida

Bam Bam came into rescue in 2019 with a large neck mass.  He had salivary gland surgery,  and was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid.  He's living comfortably in central Florida. He is a happy boy, eats well, and though he has a basket full of doggie toys, he will only play with one of them. His job is to make sure the delivery guys don't get in.  He's very good at it. 

Thumper in Florida

Thumper came to us from a county shelter when he was found on a busy road as a stray. He had at least 6 inches of matted hair and the shelter actually thought he was a female until they went to spay him.  Thumper is now very happy in his permanent foster home in Florida.  He has cataracts but that does not slow him down and he spends his days playing with as many toys as he can find and chewing every treat available. 


Orion in Maryland

Orion came into rescue in 2020 with a non-healing eye ulcer and protein losing nephropathy.  He eats a special diet, gets daily medication and requires regular follow up visits with the vet or specialist. Despite all this he is a happy, sweet doggie, and he's so much more energetic than he was last year. He loves long walks, walking fast and exploring new smells and places thoroughly. He's a smart, stubborn and strong willed boy but he's adorable, he knows some tricks and is very loved! 

Lil Bit_edited.jpg

Lil Bit

Lil Bit, a 5lb 10 year old Maltese, came into rescue and had a very exciting first day at the Bichon Bash in 2021.  We wanted people to get an idea of what some of our rescued dogs look like before we save them.  It had been so long since she had a haircut she couldn't even turn her little head because of the mats.  One of our volunteer vets managed to quickly trim her up and she had her best day in a long time.  Lil Bit is deaf and going blind, and her little legs atrophied from being crated too much in the past, but she has doggie beds all over her foster mom's house so she is very happy now enjoying her senior years.