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Available for Adoption

Current as of May 23rd 2023

  • BFCACT does not ship dogs.

  • BFCACT does not adopt outside of the USA

  • Children under 5 years are not recommended for Bichons

  • Home visits are required for all adoptions

  • All family members, including pets, must be present for home visits

Adoption: News

Gemma (Female) - 10 Year old, Centreville, VA

Gemma is a super cutie who just wants to cuddle all day with her foster mom and sleep in her little bed at the foot of her mom.  Gemma is a good little walker and loves to chase squirrels in the backyard.  She also loves to play chase with her little toys if you will throw them for her.  Gemma loves people...just a little too she must be an only dog.  She is very skittish and should only be around children when she is supervised.  Gemma likes to cuddle in bed at night and will be especially happy if you let her snuggle under the covers with you.  Her favorite treat is a pupperoni and she will entertain herself with it for 10 minutes before eating - super cute!  Gemma does need to stay on prescription food, otherwise she has a tendency towards stones.  Won't you open your heart and home to this little girl?


Cooper(Male) - 3Year old, Steuben County, IN

Cooper, like a few bichons each of us has known, is a high energy stubborn little sweetie but he is rapidly learning the tricks of a good boy!  He loves to be next to his foster mom all day - sitting behind her on the chair as she works or snuggled on her lap or next to her when they are sitting and watching TV.  He is very good with his new cat friend/roomie.  He is also  100% potty trained.  Cooper likes children older than 10 and will not be adopted to a family with younger children.


Mojo (Male) - 13 Year old, Centreville, VA

Mojo...what a cutie you are!  This adorable 13 year old was pulled from the shelter as a hot mess...but every day he gets cuter and cuter.  He still has a few days of medical treatment to go thru to make him 100% perfect for his new home...but that won't get in the way of asking for belly rubs every chance he gets.  Mojo is doing great on an all salmon diet and his allergies are no longer an issue.  He is 100% house trained.  He loves to cuddle in bed, sleep on his foster mom's lap or at her side all day, and is friendly with everyone he has met, including children.  Mojo enjoys doing a small lap around the neighborhood when it is cool in the morning or evening.  Mojo loves a warm shower and a little brush if that means he gets cuddle time.  He is also super smart and has already learned, Sit, Stay, Come, and Go Potty...especially when cheese or blueberries are involved!

Joey After_edited.jpg

Joey(Male) - 6 Year old, Chillicothe, OH

Joey is no April Fool...although he may try to trick you with his great dane bark!  He was an owner turn-in we picked up April 1st but as soon as he met his new foster mom he was in the car as fast as he could go.  He was a bit of a hot mess and hadn't been groomed in about a year, had worms, had a major ear infection, and was a little overweight at 22lbs, but he is in the perfect temporary home now and already starting to look quite handsome.  He is good with other dogs, is very comfortable in his crate, and is learning to go up and down stairs along with some other basic manners.  Let's just say his foster mom is no fool either and will get him loved into perfect shape and ready to find his new home!


Jake(Male) - 11 Year old, Manassas, VA
Adoption Pending

Need a new BFF? My name is Jake and I was recently separated from my lifelong family. My foster mom says I'm the perfect companion dog and just want to be with people. I like to take a stroll but am also happy to nap quietly  at your feet, or (better yet) in your lap. I'm also up for a game of fetch with a squeaky toy or exploring the yard for squirrels. I just had a spa day and I'm looking good and feeling good and ready to be part of and love a new family.  I am happy to sleep in my little bed as long as I am near you, but my best family will allow me to cuddle in bed with them.  I am shy, but warm up to dogs and people if given time.  But please don't crate me...I promise to be good without that.


Sassy(Female) - 12 Year old, Spotsylvania, VA

Sassy is a tiny little 12-year-old spayed Bichon looking for her forever home who gets along well with everyone.  Sassy loves to cuddle in bed with her 3 temporary bichon pack and her foster parents.  We are evaluating her for cataract surgery but despite her slightly impaired vision she gets around really well, and goes outside for potty by herself.  If you are looking for a little lap dog to cuddle with all day long, she is your girl!  She hardly barks, is learning fast how to walk on a leash and loves getting groomed.  She appears to have allergies to poultry so we have removed that from her diet and she is now doing great.


Rex (Male) - 3 Year old, Virginia Beach, VA

Rex was turned into rescue by a breeder who thought he was past his prime, but we know that Rex's furever family will feel super lucky to snatch him up and let this now little neutered boy have a wonderful new life.   He has totally attached to his foster mom, who is working on getting him fully housetrained.  He is good with other dogs at the house, and will benefit from a lot more socialization as he is still a bit timid around people and needs a little time and love to warm up to men.  He will do fantastic in a home that has time to spend with him.


Ziggy (Female) - 8 Year old, Arlington, VA
Adoption Pending

Ziggy Stardust just loves everyone she meets....and she likes to meet people on lots of walks!  This super sweet girl is happy in her new foster home with other bichons and is now living the good life.  Walks and cuddle time are her favorite things next to begging for just a little bit of the "good" food from mom.  She is light by nature at just 10 lbs, but we will all be happy for her to gain 1-2 more pounds.  Ziggy is 100% house trained, crate trained, and will do best in a quiet home with people who want to spend time with her to cuddle and go for walks.

Henry sitting.jpg

Henry(Male) - 10 Year old, Pittsburgh, PA

Henry is an adorable 10-year-old Bichon mix looking for a place to call home.  Happy and energetic, he likes nothing more than to be with his humans!  Don’t sit down or he will be bringing his toys to you for a fun game of fetch.  And when he isn’t playing with his toys he can be found on your lap (or actually any lap) happy as a little furry clam.  He LOVES people he knows.

Henry is making great progress in learning his manners and boundaries.  He does listen and is anxious to please his foster Mom.  While he can be fearful of new people and things, once he figures out everything is okay, he relaxes just fine. He is making a lot of progress with his housetraining, walks great on a leash, and is quite the little character.  Henry seems to do great with cats and dogs.  He responds well to teenagers but hasn’t been around young children in Rescue yet.


Bella (Female) - 9 Year old, Spotsylvania, VA

Bella is a 9 year old spayed female who acts so much younger than what we believe her age to be!  She gets along with all animals and is a total love-muffin who wants to snuggle all day.  She is happiest when she can be on a lap or directly beside her foster family and if you want someone to greet you when you come back home from groceries...this is your gal.  She is sure to cover you in kisses and love.  She has quickly taught herself to use the doggy door to follow her foster pack into the yard and is 100% house trained now.  Bella does suffer from allergies to poultry but is doing great now that has been completely removed from her diet.

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