Available for Adoption

Current as of Aug 6 2022

  • BFCACT does not ship dogs.

  • BFCACT does not adopt outside of the USA

  • Children under 5 years are not recommended for Bichons

  • Home visits are required for all adoptions

  • All family members, including pets, must be present for home visits


Max (Male) - 10 Years old, Arlington, Virginia


Hi! I'm Max! I was very sick when I was rescued but now I'm feeling great! I weigh about 9 pounds and I'm still gaining weight. My hobbies are 1) eating 2) sleeping on human laps 3) eating  4) walking around and smelling stuff 5) eating 6) following my foster parents and siblings around the house. I'm also potty trained! Sometimes I stick my tongue out because I don't have any teeth, but that doesn't stop me from eating. I can eat small kibble and soft food with no problems (did I mention I like to eat?) My hearing and sight aren't perfect, but I always know where my family and food are! I would love to be in a quiet home with a small yard where I can go outside and smell things whenever I'm not sitting in your lap.


Lacey (Female) - 10 Years old, Decatur, GA
Pending Adoption

Lacey was rescued from a neighbor that was unable to look after her anymore.  Lacey has a super easy sweet temperament and loves to snuggle in bed with her current foster family and other bichons until after 8am whenever possible.  She will do best in a home with a family who likes to spend time with her, and especially loves "helping" in the kitchen where there might be a treat.  She is 100% house trained when her foster parents are home, but does suffer a little separation anxiety and may have an accident if left alone, so will do better in a home with at least 1 other dog.  Lacey has been diagnosed with glaucoma in 1 eye so she needs eye drops 2 times a day, but this is a simple thing for this sweet thing.


Max (Male) - 11 Years old, Cincinnati, OH

Max was saved when he was taken to a wonderful vet to be put down...but the vet recognized he just had too many amazing things to look forward to in life and convinced the family to let him be rescued instead.  Max needs an experienced and patient owner with no children, as the Vet thinks he was abused in his previous home.  Max is housetrained, loves walks, wants to cuddle in bed with his foster parents, and have belly rubs.    Max will do best as the only dog in the house...so he can get all the cuddles available and catch up on what he missed the first few years of his life.  Will you give him the second chance he so deserves? 


Mojo (Male) - 6 Years old, San Antonio, TX


Mojo spent his early life sowing his oats as a sire at a breeding kennel and is now getting the snip and going to settle down!  Mojo is housebroken and a good listener who loves getting out for daily walks.  He would like a home where he can sleep on the family bed and get belly rubs before bed.  Mojo is also looking for a nice fenced backyard where he can do his little Bichon Blitz every day before settling down to enjoy a breather and watch the birds.

Harry on couch.jpg

Harry (Male) - 9 Years old, Conneticut
Adoption Pending

Harry is 9 year old bichon with a tail wagging personality.  He loves to cuddle in bed...often until 8am or later!  Harry is completely housebroken and just loves long walks with his foster family.  He would do best in a 1 dog home, with an experienced dog owner that can remind him to watch his manners once in a while.