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Available for Adoption

Current as of Jan 8th 2023

  • BFCACT does not ship dogs.

  • BFCACT does not adopt outside of the USA

  • Children under 5 years are not recommended for Bichons

  • Home visits are required for all adoptions

  • All family members, including pets, must be present for home visits

Adoption: News

Lucky (Male) - 1 Year old, South Windsor, CT

Lucky is a 1 year old ~35 pound Cavachon who had to be released because his family is going thru some challenges and could no longer care for him.  He loves being active...going to the dog park, going for long hikes, and playing with other medium size dogs.  He loves to snuggle and play with his toys and will make an awesome buddy if you are an active person and can wear him out a little every day.  He is definitely a moma's boy...and will do best in a home where he can spend a lot of time with a female.


Kelly (Female) - 9 Years old, Minneapolis, MN

Kelly is super sweet and loves to play with toys and other animal friends, especially cats.  She loves cuddling and being next to her foster mom and dad or any people who give lots of scratches and kisses.  Car rides and going on walks are her thing.  When it's treat time she gets pretty excited too.  Kelly is learning to ring the bell to be let out...super smart girl!

Kennedy (Female) - 4 Year old, Arlington, VA

Kennedy was rescued from the shelter on Dec 30th.  She’s a cuddle bug and seems to get along well with kids, other dogs, and of course people. We are working on house breaking her.  New pictures coming soon!


Gemma (Female) - 10 Years old, Centreville, VA

Gemma is as cute as a button and will quickly become the princess in her new furever home.  Gemma was turned into rescue because she was peeing in the house, but we immediately realized she had a terrible UTI and that had caused stones.  After almost 2 months in rescue she is now 100% cured and fully housetrained.  She loves to snuggle at her foster mom's feet all day, go for lovely walks, and snuggle in bed now that she is able to sleep thru the night.  Her welcome home dance will have you wanting to leave the house for 5 minutes just to see her joy.   Gemma will do best in a home where she is the only dog,  can have a fenced yard to play in, and with a family who can spend time with her.

image0 (1)_edited.jpg

Popcorn (Male) - 3 Year old, North East, Md

Popcorn loves walking on the leash, sitting with his human family watching TV, head and belly rubs and dinner time. He cheerfully follows his humans around the house.  Lots of trips outside will help with housebreaking and he is crate trained for overnight. Popcorn is an early bird, so if you are too, he may be just the boy for you.  He has a bit of separation anxiety and needs a home where someone is there most of the time. Distraction toys help - a Kong filled with treats/dry food mixed with peanut butter keeps him busy. While he gets along fine with other dogs, we are not sure about very young children or cats.


Fluffy (Female) - 7 Year old, Ashville, NC
Pending Adoption

Fluffy was turned in to rescue because she her owner had more pets than they could handle and Fluffy was too active for the cat and older beagle that lived in the home.  Fluffy' loves to give kisses, especially after a good belly rub.  She plays with her other bichon buddies, but she does like a bit of rough and tumble play.  She would like a family who will let her cuddle in bed and let her play in a fenced backyard.  She is housetrained if let out regularly, and like most bichons, needs someone who is home most of the day.


Brody (Male) - 2Year old, San Antonio, TX

Brody is a sweet, happy and energetic boy.  He is full of energy and absolutely loves to play all day.  He loves going on daily walks so he can say hello to any passing furry friends.   When he isn’t playing he loves curling up beside you.  He loves sleeping on the family bed and asking for belly rubs before bedtime.   Brody would prefer a backyard to play fetch with his ball.  He is housebroken and listens well.  He doesn’t like to be alone and follows you everywhere you go.  

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