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BFCACT follows a rigorous 4 step screening of applicants to ensure the best interest of our dogs. 

  1. Applicants are contacted for a phone screening based on submitted applications at

  2. Applicants will be allowed to do a meet and greet with the dog.  All family members and pets are required to participate.

  3. A vet check and home verification will be completed.

  4. BFCACT and the applicant will jointly agree the adoption is in the best interest of the dog.


Submission of an application does not in any way guarantee that a Rescue will be placed with you or that you will receive notification of a particular dog's situation. 

BFCACT is run by volunteers and we are only able to support a small portion of US states.  If your state is not listed on our form below, or if you would like to contact other rescue organizations, click HERE

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Adoption Form
Is This your First Dog?
What Dog will you Consider?
What is your Timeframe for Adopting?
What Sex would you prefer?
Would you consider a dog that is not housebroken?
We do not ship dogs. Please indicate how far you are willing to travel 1 way for the dog.
Animal Rescue requires fundraising and email status to our community to cover medical expenses.
Adoption Form: Feedback Form
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