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Purchase 2024 Bichon Bash Tickets - 3 Step Process

Step 2 - Register all Attendees
Complete the information below to send us a list of names of your party members that have purchased tickets.
Don't forget to send us your Bichon names as well so we can make them a beautiful bandana to wear at the event!

Bash Registration

Please join us even if you have no dogs. Be sure to register all attending Bichons so they get their scarf!


We are bringing back the Rescue Parade.  If you have a rescue, tell us their name and a little history when you enter their name below.  

Bichon 1 Gender
Bichon 1 Special Needs
Bichon 1 Spayed/Neutered
Bichon 1 Rescued
Bichon 2 Gender
Bichon 2 Special Needs
Bichon 2 Spayed/Neutered
Bichon 2 Rescued
Bichon 3 Gender
Bichon 3 Special Needs
Bichon 3 Spayed/Neutered
Bichon 3 Rescued
Bichon 4 Gender
Bichon 4 Special Needs
Bichon 4 Spayed/Neutered
Bichon 4 Rescued
I require Handicap Accommodation Parking (Handicap Sticker Required)
I agree to the Assumption of Risk
This is my first time at the Bash
How did you hear about the Bash?
Bash Registration Form
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