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Purchase 2022 Bichon Bash Tickets - 3 Step Process

Step 2 - Register all Attendees
Complete the information below to send us a list of names of your party members that have purchased tickets.
Don't forget to send us your Bichon names as well so we can make them a beautiful bandana to wear at the event!

Bash Registration

Please join us even if you have no dogs.  We are bringing back the Rescue Parade.  If you have a rescue, tell us their name and a little history.

Bichon 1 Gender
Bichon 1 Special Needs
Bichon 1 Spayed/Neutered
Bichon 1 Rescued
Bichon 2 Gender
Bichon 2 Special Needs
Bichon 2 Spayed/Neutered
Bichon 2 Rescued
Bichon 3 Gender
Bichon 3 Special Needs
Bichon 3 Spayed/Neutered
Bichon 3 Rescued
Bichon 4 Gender
Bichon 4 Special Needs
Bichon 4 Spayed/Neutered
Bichon 4 Rescued
I require Handicap Accompdation Parking (Handicap Sticker Required)
I agree to the Assumption of Risk
This is my first time at the Bash
How did you hear about the Bash?
Bash Registration Form
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